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舞踏 Butoh workshop

身体に貞く | Listen with the Body

Katsura Kan



舞踏家・振付家・office PARADIX K. 主宰/芸術監督

京都生まれ。1979年に舞踏結社「白虎社」設立に参画、81年よりソロ活動。86年 マルチナショナル舞踏グループ「桂勘&サルタンバンク」結成、インドネシア、タイ、シンガポールでの共同制作プロジェクトを国際交流基金の助成のもとに2001年まで数多く行う。舞踏を通じて肉体と風土の有り様を探りながら、舞踏が残した遺産としての技術の探求を共有したいと考えています。


Katsura Kan

Butoh dancer・choreographer・office PARADIX K. artistic director 

A native of Kyoto, Kan is a Master Butoh artist from among the ranks of Japan's senior generation of Butoh. He is a celebrated solo and collaborative performer as well as a choreographer. He performed with the seminal Butoh troupe, Byakkosha 1979-1981 and then researching in Indonesia and Thailand for 20 years. He established the multinational dance troupe Katsura Kan & Saltimbanques in 1986 whose purpose is the free interpretation of diverse genres in the contemporary dance scene. In 1992, he founded research group with Office Paradix K. a collaborative research project funded by the Japan Foundation and Kyoto City.  In collaboration with South East Asian artists this project explored the modernization of traditional Asian art forms while deliberately excluding a Western influences. In 2001, Kan started work in Balkan region for the new communication works. In addition to his creative works in cosmopolitan culture, Kan has worked with “outsider dancers” in remote locations throughout the world; Africa, Eastern Europe and South East Asia for the past 30 years. Currently, he is researching "Beckett BUTOH Notation" in France, and “Oracle & Enigma” as a Dance Oratorio project in San Francisco. Kan curated the Contemporary Dance Conference at UCLA (2011) and Beijing (2012), and in Mexico City (2014).



Explore the idea of “curious body” through the group observation of daily life, key to his understanding the essence of Butoh Movement. Kan guides a new cognitive approach to the body through observation using his practical method of Kan Butoh Notation.  He will instruct how to “awaken your noise” and “focus on the other side of reality” sharing his experiences of key Butoh elements.


Butoh, referred to as “Surrealism of Flesh”, is an influential contemporary dance form born of experimental performance in the radical post-war Japanese avant-garde art movement.


This workshop is suitable for everyone, with or without previous Butoh experience, who is curious about physical expression.



4-5日(土-日) 14:00-18:30、6日(月) 18:00-22:00、7日(火) 14:00-18:30、7日(火) 公開プレゼンテーション 19:30



4-5(Sa-Su) 14:00-18:30, 6(Mo) 18:00-22:00, 7(Tu) 14:00-18:30, 7(Tu) public presentation 19:30



1回 4000円

4回 13,000円



​Freestyle Move

大阪府大阪市北区豊崎3丁目-6-8 TOビル 7f


【予約|reservation】 までお願いします。




主催 Presented in collaboration with Slowmotion Somatics and David Thomas France

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